Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey guys!!! So I just looked at my blog and I have not updated it for almost TWO MONTHS!!! I've put together some photos of what I have been up to :)
Its been super busy at work and I've got several interviews on the go, on top of that I have just got hold of an awesome camera to use so you will start seeing a lot more tattoos that I have taken the photos for myself!! 

Thanks for looking I will be back soon to write a new post about more of whats been going on :)

Dragon sleeve i will be working on for the next year lol...

Bryns neck so far.

First session on Adams thor piece.

Little didy

Healed shot in progress

Healed shot. took 2.5 hours to do this one.

Need I say more?

Cover up in progress, all freehand.

Finally finished the rape sleeve!!!

Blue striped marlin in progress.

First rose, more to come.

This peace was great fun!! 4 hours

Adams sleeve progress

Start of a full chest peace of to wolfs battling it out :)

First session on Helens awesome new hand piece!!

see below :)

8 hours in so far. Done on a NZ Air Force engineer, his granddad was on the destroyer ship when it was sunk by Japan him and around 200 others survived, he spent 3 years in a P.O.W camp then when him and 700 other prisoners were being transported back to Japan, an American ship sunk the boat they were on mistakenly thinking it was a gunner ship. my customers granddad and around 200 other men survived the second sinking. If they had made it back to Japan as intended, they would of been rite in the middle of the Hiroshima disaster. Was a really interesting job and a good yarn so i thought i would share :) Alla Prima Ink

Collaboration between me an Ganso Galvao during his stint @ Blue Lotus Tattoo before heading back to Brazil

Almost done with this sleeve, great fun!!

Second session on my little sisters back.

Almost finished this one!!

John Wayne portrait I got to do on my awesome boss Clint Jones leg

Second session on this one.

8=============D------- -- --- ----- 

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