Thursday, September 29, 2011

As of late

Hey guys, thanks for looking!! So I thought I would fill you all in on some of the pieces I've been working on lately, so here goes!
This first one is part of a sleeve I am working on at the moment, its way outside my comfort zone as far as what I am used to doing but it has been really fun..
 This one is the first session of the skeleton mariachi band leg sleeve I am working on, really looking forward to doing more on this, we are adding a bass player, violin player, couple of skeletons on the maracas, and a skeleton bandito dancing with a beautiful senorita as the main feature on the outside of his thigh.
 This Superman piece was done on the apprentice at blue lotus, Adam Coolio. We recorded the whole tattoo and are in the process of editing the footage and are hoping to make a short DVD out of what we captured but we will see..
 and this last one is a New York sleeve I am working on!! I am very exited about this one, so much detail... but it will be worth the time we put in!!
Well thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I look forward to starting your tattoo soon! hahaha...

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