Sunday, February 12, 2012

Progress For 2012 So Far

Hey guys! I haven't updated this in a long while so I thought I would share some of what I've been up to with you all. 
First off, I got married finally! To my beautiful wife Elise :) 

Work has been good, with loads of great new customers and friends to add to the list. I've also taken up painting in an effort to understand more about what I do as an artist and to progress to bigger and better tattooing. It has been very fun and challenging so far and I am on my way to completing my first proper oil painting, which we will get to later in this post... 

Any way thanks for looking, here's a bit about my latest tattoo work.

This piece was done on an art student from Auckland, She sat for six hours and we managed to pretty much wrap it up in one go. The image was an old painting we had agreed on for the artwork, which I then edited in Photo Shop to get the colors we wanted, simply by playing with the "color levels". This is a great way to work in my opinion as there are so many variations you can choose from.

This piece is a cover up of a fairly gnarly scar the customer had on his arm. It was a very challenging piece but we were both more than happy with the outcome. The scarred skin had practically no pigment in it which made for some super white highlights. On the other hand the black was tricky to get in there nicely but we did get there.

Aiden's front is all but finished now too! This was fun as hell to do, he sat like a rock too, which made things easy :)

I tattooed this on Kieran Keat, the new apprentice at Blue Lotus Tattoo, a couple of weeks back. Its a rad wee piece and his choice of placement was really cool! 
Check out some of his art on the Blue Lotus facebook page if you get a chance-

Here's my painting so far. The beak and just under it I am happy with, but the rest is a work in progress.. 

In this photo is a SHIT TON of new Alla Prima Inks!!! Along with mine and Clint Jones's sweet Marv Learning Machines.

**Note my penis dragon on the wall.. Watch this space for some serious developments in the penis dragon area**

This is a new sleeve I am working on. A statue witch depicts Perseus holding Medusa's decapitated head up while standing on her corpse.. Brutal! Next session we will be doing Perseus's Pegasus in the back ground. I cant wait, I haven't done a tattoo of a horse yet that I can think of.  

Second session on this piece I am doing om my wife's arm. Really stoked with it so far :) the photo does not do this justice.

And finally, I started this hammer head on an awesome new customer the other day. Four hours so far on his guts, didn't phase him one bit! We are looking at doing some more sharks in the back ground soon. I used Alla Prima Inks "Sea Foam" in this piece, mixed with some black to get that dirty tinge.

Well I hope that was insightful and enjoyable to read. If you have any questions or booking enquiries don't hesitate to contact me via email:

Matt Jordan.

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  1. Awesome work love your wifes (congrats) piece. Your oil painting is very good for your first the eye just draws you in and love the colours you have used on the beak. The arm cover up over the scars is primo you worked it in really well and bet he is very pleased with the outcome. Over all bloody awesome work mate, oneday I will get up for a session or two love your work.