Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuff And Things

Hello everyone!!! I have not been on here for a while so I have decided to post a big update on whats been happening at work. Here's a heap of new pics and a bit about each one...

Alla Prima was nice enough to use my mariachi trumpeter tattoo on one of there new posters! witch was very exiting for me as I am an avid Alla Prima user and a huge fan of there work.

Next up is the latest addition to our friend Tammy's sleeve, this was really fun and I can't wait to get back in and finish it off. 

This is on a new customer of mine, awesome dude, sits like a rock!! 6 hours on this session. 

Me tattooing my lovely wife to be :)

We had a Halloween day at work and i did this on the boss :) was super cool!!

Another session on Ryans owl sleeve about 2 hours on this we bit

Second sitting on this one, can't wait to see what this comes out like!!

So I done this on my cousin Kayla Jordan today, it was a tattoo my dad "Fats" had done on my uncle (Her dad) many years ago.. we re-drew it a wee bit, it was super fun!! Done with my Mark Iddles color packer and Marv Lerning shader :)

Fist session on my little sisters first tattoo, she sat really well and didn't complain about the size i decided on at all haha...

Dragon in progress, nearly done finally!! I'm very happy with this tattoo so far, its way out of my comfort zone but I thinks its turned out pretty cool :)

My first Rob Zombie tattoo!! super fun peace, free hand back ground. Alla Prima Inks

This is my first pointillism tattoo ever, not my usual style at all but had a lot of fun with it.. 

Well thanks all for your time, look forward to tattooing you soon..


Matt Jordan


  1. Great work, loving seeing your progress and trying new stuff out of your comfort zone. Keep up the good work and impressing us all.

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